Business Consulting

Our dedicated team of analysts use the meta data given by our clients to highlight trends that are both positive and negative for their business. From there strategies are constructed to best optimize the business

Skill Training

The best and most cutting-edge tools are rendered useless in untrained hands. That is why we have developed various training programs that will ensure that our clients are well equipped for the journey ahead.

IT Solutions

Be it morning or night, rain or snow our IT specialists are there for you. They work round the clock to ensure that all our clients have no technical issues slowing them down from achieving their goals.

About Us

Intimacy is the name our game here at Fashoinc. We strive to work closely with our customers to nurture their ideas from the grassroots stages until fruition.

Small and upcoming businesses are a main focus for us because we believe that every initiative deserves a chance to thrive in the harsh and ever changing business world. Through years of practice we have been able to identify specific traits and habits that new businesses have that are detrimental to their success. Therefore, we strive to be that middle ground between a new business and success; optimizing the potential of our clients is the goal for us here at Fashoinc.

Why Choose Us


Over the years of working with small and upcoming businesses we have been able to highlight the major issues that tend to hinder or completely stop the growth of the businesses. Nipping these issues in the bud are essential and we’re here to help you with that.


Here at Fashoinc a couple of emails and phone calls does not cut it for us! If it is possible we would opt for a face-to-face meeting with our clients where we can both brainstorm and strategize as we construct the roadmap to success.


Be rest assured that as a client of Fashoinc you are getting top-notch quality of service. From our IT specialists to our team of analysts all staff is dedicated to ensure that your business thrives.


We believe in our clients and their vision, as a result we are in it till the end. Even after the contract has ended we continue to support our clients and are proud and encouraged when we see positive news about them.